Dig In to Minecraft with RTX Beta Starting April 16

April 16 will be quite the big day for Minecraft fans: it’s the official beta release of Minecraft With RTX, powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX, available for Windows 10. Brand new, state of the art raytracing technology will result in the creation of myriad Minecraft worlds that are more detailed and realistic than ever before.

RTX brings one-of-a-kind visual realism to the world of Minecraft. Players can experience realistic shadows — both soft and hard! — global illuminations filling rooms with “down to the pixel” accuracy, natural reflection and refraction, and enhanced atmospheric effects such as fog.

Nvidia has also partnered with popular Minecraft creators to generate six worlds designed to show off the full capabilities of raytracing technology. These worlds will be available for free in the Minecraft Marketplace, starting from the very beginning of the beta launch. They include:

    • Aquatic Adventure, by Dr_Bond, an Adventure world filled with puzzles to solve in a sprawling underwater palace.
    • Of Temples and Totems by Razzleberries, an Adventure world featuring five elementally themed temples as well as a deep, lush jungle to explore
    • Crystal Palace by GeminiTay, a Survival Spawn world designed to highlight RTX’s capability to create the interplay of light and shadow
    • Imagination Island by BlockWorks, an Adventure world modeled after a theme park with four distinct areas to visit
    • Color, Light, and Shadow by PearlescentMoon, an Adventure world which allows visitors to play around with raytracing themselves via prisms, mirrors and more
    • Neon District by Elysium Fire, a Creative world which initially debuted in the Java Edition but has been beautifully redone using RTX technology

In addition, Nvidia plans to publish a number of resources dedicated to helping Minecraft players create their very own worlds using RTX. These include a Texture Pack by Razzleberries, an interactive guide to creating raytraced Minecraft textures.

Minecraft with RTX will also feature accelerated performance and real-time rendering courtesy of Nvidia’s revolutionary DLSS 2.0 technology. This will enable the creation of detailed RTX worlds with minimal lag.

A variety of RTX graphics cards are also available for sale on Nvidia’s Web site.

Will you be joining the Minecraft with RTX beta? Which world are you most excited to explore? Let us know!

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