Fans Complete Mario 35 ‘Defeat Bowser’ Challenge in One Week

On January 19, Nintendo issued a unique World Challenge to its players. They were given a few weeks to kill major boss Bowser 3.5 million times in Super Mario 35, a limited time game in which players compete against one another in classic Super Mario Bros. levels. This World Challenge was just one part of the ongoing celebration of Mario’s 35th anniversary, which began in 2020 and will continue throughout 2021.

Super Mario 35 players more than rose to the challenge. One week after the World Challenge was first issued, Nintendo posted an announcement on their official website and Twitter account confirming that it had been completed. Players did not just defeat the Koopa King 3.5 million times, as initially requested – they defeated him 5,363,696 times! That’s approximately 1.5 times the amount of Bowsers which Nintendo initially asked for.

As a reward for completing the World Challenge so quickly, all players who defeated at least one Bowser will receive 350 My Nintendo Platinum Points gifted to their account. Nintendo did not clarify exactly when the rewards will be distributed.

Two more World Challenges are currently planned, with the second expected to be revealed sometime in February. Nintendo has not given any hints regarding what it might challenge players to do, but odds are good that it might have something to do with the number 35.

Gamers interested in playing Super Mario 35 should do so sooner rather than later. The limited-time exclusive will be removed from the Nintendo Switch eShop on March 31, 2021. March 31 looks to be quite the sad day for Mario fans – that is also the last day to purchase special anniversary collection Super Mario 3D All-Stars or receive online support for the original version of Super Mario Maker. Sales of the limited edition Mario-themed Game & Watch console will also conclude on that day.

What do you think the next Super Mario 35 World Challenge could be? Let us know!

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