Female Protagonist May Be Added To GTA For The First Time

According to a prominent industry leaker, Tom Henderson, Grand Theft Auto 6 may for the first time in franchise history feature both a male and female protagonist. The leaker is best known for his accurate predictions for past Call of Duty titles, but the credibility of the claim can be disputed due to a lack of evidence to support it. 

That being said, GTA V adopted a multi-protagonist system that allowed players to choose between Trevor, Michael, and Franklin, so a male/female protagonist setup would certainly work for the long-running crime franchise. 

Whether GTA 6 will employ GTA V’s multi-character choice system, or instead offers players the freedom to create and customize their own characters (male and female alike) it will likely be some time before we know for sure.


This should go without saying, but any and all developments, unless confirmed by Rockstar themselves, should be taken with a pinch of salt. Other recent theories to come out of the rumor mill connected to GTA 6 include a dirt track in Virginia and Take-Two Interactive (the publisher that owns Rockstar) recently renewing two key domain names. 

While these theories and Easter Eggs may lead us down a road to nowhere, Henderson’s reputation as an industry insider could result in this claim actually coming true. 

In the meantime, as the wait goes on, there’s still much for GTA fans to look forward to, including the next-gen release of Grand Theft Auto V in 2021, described as an “expanded and enhanced” edition. 

Grand Theft Auto V will exist across three different platforms, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and soon, the PlayStation 5. 

Ned Luke, best known as the voice actor of Michael De Santa in GTA V says it best. Last year, he described the wave of leaks and rumors connected to GTA 6 as “clickbaitwith “no insider information, and put it simply, “If you hear it from Rockstar, then you know.”

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