The internet will once again, inevitably, explode, as some keen-eyed folks on Reddit noticed that Take-Two Interactive (the publisher which owns Rockstar Games) renewed two key domain names:, and

It’s not uncommon for publishing labels to renew domain names from time to time, but this naturally reignited hope of the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6, given the seven-year gap since Grand Theft Auto V. Of course, despite this development, it’d be wise to manage expectations for news on the forthcoming sequel. 

Rockstar Games have not made any official announcements concerning sequels to Grand Theft Auto, despite the long hiatus since the last installmentHowever, with this news in mind, and the next generation of consoles upon us soon, it could be worth keeping an eye out for further developments.

In the meantime for GTA fans, Sony announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to the PlayStation 5 In 2021. This means that Grand Theft Auto V will exist across three different platforms, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and soon, the PlayStation 5. GTA Online will also be heading onto the PS5, with the promise of exclusive new content to the release on Sony’s next-generation console.

The original game from Rockstar will be “expanded and enhanced” specifically for the next-gen PlayStation, due to be released at the end of the year.

In other Rockstar news, Red Dead Online’s 1.21 update was met with frustration from the game’s community, following a variety of in-game issues. The problems within the title update from connection issues and in-game glitches became so bad that the community reached out to Rockstar Support.

new statement on their support page acknowledges that the recent update “unintentionally introduced a range of issues including connection problems, low animal spawn counts, difficulty pitching Camps, entering Moonshine shacks as well as others on PS4 and Xbox One.”

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