Final Fantasy 16: How To Get Renown

Final Fantasy 16 features a Renown mechanic where you can acquire various rewards by obtaining Renown Points. There are several ways to get this valuable currency in the game, but this guide can tell you the best method to obtain Renown Points quickly.

Final Fantasy 16 Renown Guide

You can get more Renown through two methods: side quests and hunts. The first one can be done after completing the Prologue and reaching Cid’s Hideaway. You will know if a character has a side mission for you by looking for a green (!) sign on top of their head.

Final Fantasy 16 Side Quest

Once you speak to the character, the game will offer you a choice to accept or reject the quest. At this point, you can also see how much Gil and Renown you can get from the mission. 

Completing a side quest will definitely grant you some Renown Points, but some missions may not grant you any Gil. For example, completing the Carved in Stone side quest will give you 20 Renown Points and 1,000 Gil. On the other hand, the Silver Lining side mission will give you 30 Renown Points and no money.

Another great way to get more Renown is by defeating optional bosses from the Notorious Mark board. You access this feature after completing The Gathering Storm main quest and speaking to a Moogle named Nektar. Besides giving you hints about the monster’s location, the Hunt Board will also tell you how much Renown and EXP you can obtain by defeating the Notorious Marks.

Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board

The higher the monster’s rank, the better the rewards you will receive. However, please remember that it also means the more dangerous the creature you must defeat. The strongest boss you can face is the Ruin Reawakened Notorious Mark, and you must beat a dragon named Svarog that’s Level 50.

All Renown Rewards In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 The Patrons Whisper

You can redeem Renown Points by speaking to Desiree at the Counter. She will be standing beside Gaute, who’s minding the Alliant Report. Here’s the list of all rewards you can get from the Patron’s Whisper:

  • 15 Renown: Valley Madder x20, Bloody Hide x20, Steelsilk x20, and Ability Points x400.
  • 45 Renown: Meteorite x1.
  • 85 Renown: Berserker Ring.
  • 135 Renown: A Rose Is a Rose Orchestrion Roll and Empty Shard x1.
  • 205 Renown: Cleric’s Medallion +1.
  • 295 Renown: Dire Wolf Jess.
  • 410 Renown: Briar Clam Shell x24, Desert Rose x15, and Ability Points x800.
  • 550 Renown: Meteorite x2.
  • 715 Renown: High Cleric’s Medallion.
  • 905 Renown: Sharp Fang x40, Bloody Hide x30, Steelsilk x30, and Ability Points x1500.
  • 1,120 Renown: No Risk, No Reward Orchestrion Roll, and Amber x1.
  • 1,360 Renown: Talisman of Priming.
  • 1,635 Renown: Clutchmine x20, Wyrrite x50, Magicked Ash x50, and Ability Points x2500.
  • 1,965 Renown: Ring of the Swiftshot.
  • 2,365 Renown: Genji Gloves.
  • 2,850 Renown: To Sail Forbidden Seas Orchestrion Roll and Fallen Enigma x1.

That is the end of our guide on how to get Renown in Final Fantasy 16. GameLuster has other Final Fantasy articles you may want to check out before leaving, such as a guide on how to unlock the Chocobo Mount.

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