Final Fantasy 16: How To Upgrade & Increase Potion

Although Final Fantasy 16 combat is not as challenging as Dark Souls, you will inevitably get hurt when facing countless monsters and bosses on your journey. Upgrading your healing items and tonics is essential to ensure your survival, especially in the end game where enemies hit much harder. If you are curious about how to increase your potion’s potency and capacity, we have the perfect guide for you!

Final Fantasy 16 Increasing Potion Potency Guide

You can increase the potency of your potions and tonics by accepting two side quests from the Hideaway Head Botanist, Nigel. Both missions only become available once you have progressed through the main story, and you can know if you have access to them by looking for side quests with a plus (+) mark.

Final Fantasy 16 Morganbeards

The first side quest is called The Root of the Problem, and you can accept it by speaking to Nigel in the garden after completing the After the Storm main scenario quest. You will be tasked to collect several Morganbeards flowers in northern Rosaria, but you must also defeat a group of goblins guarding the plants.

Final Fantasy 16 Morbol Carrot

The second mission you can take is called Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol. This time, Nigel will ask you to hunt an extraordinary Morbol called Carrot, who has terrorized an area in the Whispering Waters. Do note that you can only trigger this side quest after completing the first mission from Nigel and the Like Father, Like Daughter main quest.

If you need hints about the exact location of this monster, you can visit the Notorious Mark board near a Moogle named Nektar. However, the fastest way to find this creature is to teleport to the Obelisk at Three Reeds and head north until you find a secluded swamp. Like the first Morbol boss, this monster will also burst out of the ground and attack you once you enter its nest. 

Final Fantasy 16 Increasing Potion Capacity Guide

To increase your consumables capacity, you must speak to an engineer named Owain in Mid’s Dungeon. Like with Nigel’s missions, you must progress through the main scenario to gain access to the two side quests that can increase your inventory.

The Weird Science side quest can be unlocked after completing the Letting Off Steam III main mission, where you help Mid create an engine for her new ship, the Enterprise. If you revisit her dungeon in the Hideaway, you can find Owain standing in front of a table, and he will ask you to collect some Bomb Ash to create a special filter.

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King

The bad news is you need to locate and defeat the Bomb King to obtain this rare material. Like with the quest for Carrot, you can speak to Nektar to receive hints about Bomb King’s location. I suggest teleporting to The Dragon’s Aery Obelisk and heading south until you enter the Imperial Chase. You will encounter a junction where you can take the left path to discover a Fallen arena where the Bomb King resides.

Once you defeat the creature, you can collect the fallen Bomb Ash from the ground and return to Owain. As thanks, the man will tinker with your satchel so it can carry more items.

Here’s what you get after the first upgrade:

  • Potions: 4+2=6
  • High Potions: 3+1=4
  • Stoneskin Tonics: 2+1=3
  • Strength Tonics: 2+1=3

The second quest from Owain is called Even Weirder Science, which you can access by completing the Across the Narrow main mission. The engineer will ask you to bring him special materials called Spherical Echoes from various Fallen ruins in Valisthea. The game will mark all locations you must visit, so you don’t need to worry about being lost.

Final Fantasy 16 Spherical Echoes Locations

As expected, you will encounter some Fallen enemies that are guarding their abandoned homes. All of them are regular monsters and relatively easy to defeat. The sole exception is the Woken Guardian, who is protecting the ruin in Lostplume. This creature has a similar move set to the Notorious Mark Severian, and you must be careful with its fast-thrusting attack.

Completing the Even Weirder Science quest will grant you the Expanded Potion Satchel. This is the max inventory upgrade you can get in the game, and you won’t be able to increase it further.

  • Potions: 6+2=8
  • High Potions: 4+1=5
  • Stoneskin Tonics: 3+1=4
  • Strength Tonics: 3+1=4

That is the end of our guide on how to upgrade your potions in Final Fantasy 16. Another great feature you may want to unlock is the Chocobo Mount, which you can access after completing the Gathering Storm main scenario and the White-Winged Wonder side quest!

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