Final Fantasy 16: How To Unlock & Upgrade Limit Break

Limit Break is a recurring mechanic in the Final Fantasy series, and in Final Fantasy 16, Clive can enter Limit Break mode to unleash his full power. Unlocking this mechanic will increase the complexity of your combat, and lets you deal more damage to your enemies. If you are curious about how to unlock Limit Break, we have created this guide to explain the mechanic in detail.

Final Fantasy 16 Limit Break Guide

You can unlock Limit Break by completing the Buried Memories main quest and defeating the Infernal boss. It will be quite a while before you receive this mission, and you must first defeat Garuda and reunite with Jill. Accessing the semi-primal state is tied to Clive’s character arc, where he confronts his mistakes and sins.

The first time you unlock Limit Break, you will be given unlimited time to play around with the ability, and it will stop once you finally beat the Infernal Shadow boss. In this state, Clive’s health will regenerate each time you land a hit on an enemy, and your damage will also increase significantly.

Final Fantasy 16 Infernal Shadow

To unleash Limit Break, you must press the L3 and R3 buttons simultaneously, but you can prematurely exit the state by pressing the same buttons. You can see the Limit Break gauges underneath Clive’s HP bar, and you will only have access to two gauges initially.

However, you can increase the number of your Limit Break bars by upgrading the ability in the main menu. Simply press the Options button on your controller and open the Abilities section. After completing the Buried Memories main quest, you will find three new nodes at the center of the basic skills circle.

Final Fantasy 16 Upgrade Limit Break

The top one is for Limit Break, while the bottom two are Ifrit’s abilities that you can assign to the Phoenix set. You can upgrade your Limit Break by hovering over the node and holding the X button. The first upgrade costs 1,000 Ability Points (AP), and mastering the skill requires 2,000 AP. It is quite expensive, but you will gain access to four Limit Break gauges once you fully level up this ability.

That is the end of our guide on unlocking and upgrading Limit Break in Final Fantasy 16. Before leaving, consider checking out other articles on GameLuster. You may be interested in reading how to unlock the Chocobo mount, which can help you explore Valisthea.

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