Final Fantasy 16: How To Find & Defeat Nine Of Knives

The Nine of Knives is one of many Notorious Marks that you can find on the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16. He is an A-Rank enemy that you can fight once you can access the Dhalmekian Republic and complete the Out of the Shadow main quest. Like other Notorious Marks, you will only receive vague hints about his location, and some players may need a bit more guidance to find him. Luckily, this fantastic Final Fantasy 16 guide will help you locate the Nine of Knives in no time!

Final Fantasy 16 Nine Of Knives Hunt Guide

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Nine of Knives Location

The Nine of Knives is located near the Jaw Obelisk in the Dhalmekian Republic. You only need to follow the path until you find an armed man standing amidst several corpses. Once you approach him, you will be dragged into a boss fight.

The Nine of Knives is a tough opponent due to his speed. He can quickly get close and jump away, making landing a hit and avoiding damage difficult. You should primarily use fast Eikon abilities, such as Rising Flames.

When the Nine of Knives creates some distance between you, he will launch Poison Mist or Smokescreen. Both moves have a decent attack range, so you have to be ready to dodge when he’s about to do these attacks.

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Poison Mist

Once the boss has less than half of his HP remaining, he will perform a move called Undermine. He will dive into the ground and attack Clive from underneath. You will see dust building up around the area where the Nine of Knives will appear, and you have to quickly get out of that zone to avoid damage.

Taking down Nine of Knives does not require a special strategy beyond avoiding his big moves. You just need to attack the boss when he’s open and reduce his Will Gauge with Garuda’s abilities. Also, don’t forget to use Deadly Embrace when you halved his Will. This will give you a mini-stagger, which lets you get some free hits on the man!

Completing the Nine of Knives hunt will reward you with Wyrrite and Meteorite crafting materials as well as Experience, Gold, Ability Points, and Renown.

That’s all you need to know to take down Nine of Knives in Final Fantasy 16. GameLuster has other helpful articles below, so be sure to check them out before leaving the website! I also highly recommend unlocking the Chocobo mount so you can explore Valisthea without being bothered by wild monsters.

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