Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Chapter 5 Mystery Labyrinth Solutions

Chapter 5: And Then I Was Gone is the final case in Spike Chunsoft’s mystery adventure Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. This time, instead of solving a single murder case (or even a chain of murders,) Yuma Kokohead and Shinigami must reveal the dark secret behind the bizarre Kanai Ward. In this final Mystery Labyrinth of the game, Yuma will find out why Kanai Ward is so isolated, why it is always raining, and more. This guide will walk you through the solutions to every puzzle in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code’s last and trickiest Mystery Labyrinth.

This guide contains SPOILERS for Chapter 5 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

Part 1: The Blank Week Mystery

2023070414063000 s

This Mystery Labyrinth takes the form of Kanai Ward itself. First, Yuma must answer some general questions about the Ward. When asked “What was the cause of Amaterasu and Kanai Ward’s development?” answer “Homunculus research.” Then, when asked “Why did the UG [United Government] request homunculus research?” respond “For military purposes.” They wanted to create an army of immortal, unkillable soldiers to use in future wars.

A Mystery Phantom appears – but it’s not a Peacekeeper this time! Nope, it’s Yuma himself, as some part of him apparently does not want to learn the truth about Kanai Ward. Yuma begins a Reasoning Death Match against his own phantom. Repel the statement “Homunculi are just a fantasy,” as by this point you’ve found plenty of proof they exist. Then, slash “it [the research] was a complete failure” with “Homunculus Research Report.” The report mentions a successful homunculus created three years before the start of the game.

2023070414192300 s

The Phantom disappears, and Yuma is faced with another series of rapid-fire questions, this time regarding the successful homunculus and the research results. The questions and answers are: 

  • Who is the person with the World’s Greatest Mind? Memo on Corpse (the note refers to Number One of the WDO by that exact title)
  • What occurred at Kanai Ward in the name of scientific research? Project: Homunculus (Dr. Huesca confessed to this in his video)
  • What was done in Kanai Ward for the sake of research? Blood Test for All Residents (Kurumi revealed this earlier in the chapter)
  • What was created from Project: Homunculus? Kanai Ward’s Residents (Blood was required to create homunculi, and they were the ones blood-tested)
  • What happened as a result of Project: Homunculus? Blank Week Mystery (The destruction that occurred in Kanai Ward during the Blank Week could have only been caused by rampaging defective homunculi)

2023070414220700 s

Finally, Shinigami steps in for a a Shinigami Puzzle, helping Yuma answer the question “What happened to the residents of Kanai Ward during the Blank Week?” Spell out RE-PL-AC-ED to solve this puzzle.

At last, the secret of Kanai Ward has been revealed. Combining the answers to the questions above, the story comes together: Eager to surpass the UG, who created one successful homunculus, Amaterasu Corporation made homunculi of everyone in Kanai Ward. However, the homunculi were defective and destroyed the ward, necessitating the replacement of the entire human population with the homunculi.

Part 2: It’s In The Blood

2023070414312200 s

Of course, Mystery Phantom Yuma is unwilling to accept this truth, and another Reasoning Death Match starts. Repel the statement “they couldn’t have been swapped,” because you now have the evidence to prove otherwise. When the Phantom insists “their memories would be totally different too,” rebut with “Homunculus Characteristics.” A homunculus can take on the memories of the person whose blood was used to make it.

The Phantom changes tack and insists that the homunculi would not have lost an entire week of memory (the Blank Week) when they were swapped. However, you can contradict this with “Defective Homunculus.” When a defective homunculus is exposed to sunlight, it loses both reason and memory, which must have happened to the Kanai Ward residents.

2023070414442000 s

After a cutscene, the Death Match continues. Phantom Yuma is now trying to insist that the rampage of defective homunculi did not happen. Slash “no one was killed by homunculi” with “The Doctor’s Video,” which clearly shows the original Dr. Huesca being killed in just that way. Frustrated, Mystery Phantom Yuma will now enter Nonstop Attack mode, where the real Yuma must rapidly answer the following questions:

  • What is the reason behind Kanai Ward’s unending rain? To block out the weakness of homunculi (their weakness is sunlight)
  • Where do Kanai Ward’s dead end up? Rural Village (Yuma encountered them himself at the beginning of the chapter)
  • What is the source of nutrition for Kanai Ward? Meat Buns (Defective homunculi require human flesh, but so as not to upset the homunculi it was packaged and sold as normal meat buns)

2023070414383000 s

Finally, Yuma is asked to show what makes homunculi different from humans. Via Shinigami Puzzle, spell out P-I-N-K – homunculi have bright pink blood, while normal humans like Yuma have standard red blood.

Part 3: Deduction Denouement

2023070414503300 s

Although the Mystery Labyrinth is not quite over yet, it’s time for the Deduction Denouement. Answer the questions below to reveal the full story of Kanai Ward and the Blank Week Mystery:

  • What was being researched? Homunculi
  • What was used as an excuse to collect DNA? Blood Test
  • Who directed Project Homunculus? Dr. Huesca
  • What is the weakness of the homunculi? Sunlight
  • What did Makoto Kagutsuchi create to stop the defective homunculi? Rain Cloud Generator

The secret behind Kanai Ward’s eternal rain has been revealed – but the Mystery Labyrinth isn’t quite over yet!

Part 4: The Final Battle

2023070419341200 s

With the mystery solved, Makoto Kagutsuchi himself now appears within the Mystery Labyrinth. He insists that Yuma still has more mysteries to reveal, and engages him in a duel of Solution Blades. This duel begins with a Nonstop Attack. Avoid any irrelevant statements and select the correct answers to the questions Makoto poses while avoiding the wrong answers as they fly at you.

  • When did Makoto arrive in Kanai Ward? Three Years Ago
  • What was happening when Makoto arrived? Blank Week Mystery (the dates align exactly)
  • What did Makoto do to protect Kanai Ward? Isolation (for three years, access to Kanai Ward has been limited)
  • What did Makoto do as the CEO? Ended Homunculus Research (reports confirm that no research has occurred in the past three years)
  • What crime did Makoto commit? Mass Kidnapping (He kidnapped criminals and turned them into meat buns to feed the homunculi)
  • The Master Detectives were assembled… …To oust Yomi (Makoto hated Yomi, and felt he had too much power as Head Peacekeeper.)

2023070419302000 s

During the duel, Makoto’s arm is sliced, revealing pink blood. Using a Shinigami puzzle, Yuma can then confirm that he is a HO-MU-NC-UL-US. With that fact confirmed, the duel resumes, with Makoto challenging Yuma to solve all mysteries regarding the two of them.

First, answer that Makoto was born in the UG research facility, as the UG made the only non-defective homunculus ever. His DNA was based on Number One, the Greatest Mind in the World. Shinigami points out that something is odd about Makoto, leading to a Spot Selection. Choose the wound on his arm – previous Mystery Phantoms did not bleed.

2023070419390500 s

As it turns out, this is not a Mystery Phantom at all, but rather the real Makoto. When asked “how did Makoto enter the Mystery Labyrinth,” choose Coalescence. This power was previously shown as the only one that could let people besides Yuma enter the Labyrinth. But Yuma insists he never used Coalescence with Makoto, so the person who used it must be Makoto himself. Makoto, the homunculus of Number One, has the power of Coalescence, just like Yuma does.

Finally, it is time to answer the game’s greatest mystery: Yuma’s true identity. He is the real Number One – he has Coalescence, Number One’s Forte, and bleeds red so he cannot be a homunculus. Yuma Kokohead, the trainee detective, is a false identity that he took on to enter Kanai Ward. The real Yuma Kokohead, who gave up his identity, is the ramen shop owner encountered in Kanai Ward. (You can deduce this because Yuma’s talent was cooking, and the ramen shop owner has shown up many times, hinting that he will play a major role.)

2023070419432700 s

Now, all mysteries have been solved. Unfortunately, Makoto wants the truth to remain hidden, so he challenges Yuma to one last duel. This time, instead of choosing answers, you just need to dodge Makoto’s attacks in a series of QTEs. You can also repel blue statements Makoto makes to send them flying back at Makoto, injuring him. This is a long battle, with many sets of QTEs broken up by pauses, but eventually Makoto will concede defeat.

Yuma will be faced with one last choice: to solve the Mystery Labyrinth and reveal the truth, or stay in the Labyrinth to let Makoto return to Kanai Ward. However, whichever one you choose does not matter, as Shinigami will step in and offer her own solution instead. The only difference is a slight variation in dialogue, so choose whichever option you want!

2023070419565800 s

This concludes the final Mystery Labyrinth, Chapter 5: And Then I Was Gone, in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. Every mystery has been solved, and Kanai Ward’s Ultimate Secret has been revealed. If you’re still stuck on any of the other Mystery Labyrinths in the game, though, you can check out GameLuster’s guides covering Chapter 0, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4!

What did you think of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code and its many mysteries? Comment below and let us know!

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