Final Fantasy 16: How To Earn Gil Fast

Gil is the main currency in Valisthea, and you can spend it to restock your potions and tonics supply in Final Fantasy 16. You can also use Gil to purchase various useful equipment and music-altering Orchestrion Rolls from various merchants you encounter. Unfortunately, Gil is not easy to come by early in the game, and many players may struggle to save money on their journey. To help ease your adventure, GameLuster has created a guide featuring the best methods to gain more money in Final Fantasy 16!

Final Fantasy 16 Gil Farming Guide

You can gain more Gil through various methods, but here are the fastest ways to become rich in the world of Valisthea.

Complete Side Quests

Final Fantasy 16 Side Quest

Besides completing the main scenario quests, you can also spend your time taking on numerous side missions encountered on your journey. Although their main purpose is to flesh out the world of Valisthea, these quests will also grant you Gil and Renown Points upon completion. The latter is another currency you can spend to redeem unique rewards at the Patron’s Whisper in the Hideaway. 

Hunt Notorious Marks

Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board 1

Taking down Notorious Marks from the Hunt Board is arguably the fastest way to quickly get a lot of Gil and experience. However, to do so, you must face all kinds of dangerous monsters that won’t hesitate to kill you if you let your guard down.

You can access the Hunt Board after you complete The Gathering Storm main quest. A Moogle called Nektar will be taking charge of the Notorious Mark bounties, and you can gain some useful hints about each monster’s location from this cute magical creature.

The Notorious Marks range from C to S Rank, with the strongest being a dragon named Svarog. Although taking down this beast is no easy task, you will receive 30,000 Gil and 60 Renown for killing this monster.

Sell Items

Final Fantasy 16 Selling Items

Another great way to earn money is by selling valuable items to merchants. Unlike crafting ingredients, these items do not have other uses other than selling. On your journey, you will discover several kinds of valuable items, the cheapest being Gil Bug.

Here’s the list of all valuable items in Final Fantasy 16 and how much Gil you can earn for each:

  • Gil Bug – 200 Gil
  • Black Blood – 400 Gil
  • Goblin Coin – 800 Gil
  • Empty Shard – 1,600 Gil
  • Amber – 3,200 Gil
  • Fallen Enigma – 5,000 Gil
  • One Man’s Treasure – 100,000 Gil

Equip Special Gear

Final Fantasy 16 Cait Sith Charm

If you pre-ordered Final Fantasy 16, you can redeem three  types of special gear from the pause menu. One of them is the Cait Sith Charm, and you can equip this item to earn 25 percent more Gil during your adventure.

Players who did not pre-order the game do not need to be worried about missing out! You can buy The Golden Testament gear from Charon for 5,000 Gil. This equipment can increase Gil earnings by 35 percent. It will be available for purchase after completing the Cid the Outlaw main quest.

These are the best ways to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16. If you need more help with this game, be sure to check out other guides on GameLuster. You may want to read our guide about Orichalcum locations, since you must collect a bunch of this rare material to craft the best sword in the game, the Gotterdammerung!

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