Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Download Size Still Huge on PS5

Final Fantasy VII Remake took up around 86GB on the PlayStation 4 but, despite the PlayStation 5’s compression giving it a helping hand in cutting down file size, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will still be coming in at just over a hefty 81 GB for the US region, according to the PlayStation Game Size Twitter. It’s only narrowly less for the Asia and Japan region versions, coming in at 77.8 GB.

It’s not clear whether this number is including the Yuffie-focused “Intermission” DLC as well. If Intermission isn’t contained within the main Intergrade file and turns out to be a separate download of its own, then the combined file size could end up pretty huge indeed.

The good news is there will be two days before release for pre-load, so even players with slower internet speeds should have plenty of time to get started on it. It gives everyone more time to clear up that precious space too.

With the PS5 not cutting Intergrade‘s size down by much, we can only wonder how heavy a potential Part 2’s going to turn out.

Game releases on June 10 as a PS5 exclusive. Final Fantasy VII Remake Spotted on Epic Games.

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