Final Fantasy VII Remake Sales Exceed 3.5 Million In Days

Digital sales and shipments for the Final Fantasy VII Remake have surpassed 3.5 million worldwide in just three days. It’s a staggering accomplishment considering the game was only launched on April 10, less than two weeks ago, and in the midst of coronavirus related uncertainty. As for their digital sales, the numbers are continuing to increase.

This news comes off the back of another particularly strong showing in Japan, shifting 700,000 copies in the region alone, despite the countries lock down closing some stores just days before release.

Adapted with modern-day gaming technology and features, the remake of Final Fantasy VII is an updated take on the original, released in 1997. Final Fantasy VII Remake takes you to the Shinra Electric Power Company, a mysterious organization that controls the life force of the planet. Former Shinra soldier turned mercenary, Cloud Strife, teams up with resistance group Avalanche to take on Shinra.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is currently available via Playstation 4. For those who haven’t yet snatched up a copy of the game can play the first section for free. Final Fantasy VII Remake features a hybrid battle system, merging real-time action with command-based combat.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Sales Exceed 3.5 Million In Days.
Final Fantasy VII Remake continues to sell well, despite the global coronavirus pandemic causing issues in the industry. (Picture: Square Enix).

In a Gameluster review of the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Demo, it reads: “All in all, the concerns about the change in gameplay have been smashed out the park and there is little doubt that Square Enix are putting their all into this re-telling of Final Fantasy VII.”

It adds: “We can only hope that they’ll cram enough into the first part so we don’t leave feeling conned – or that we’ve just played hours of pointless filler – but there’s no doubting that this will be a thrilling title dripping with charm.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PS4 now.

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