Rootin’, Tootin’ and Plenty of Shootin’ in Desperados III John Cooper Trailer

Amidst seemingly endless delay and cancellation announcements, gamers had been getting a little “desperate” for some good news. And developer THQ Nordic has slaked that thirst with an exciting new trailer for upcoming Wild West themed tactical stealth adventure, Desperados III.

Desperados III will release June 16 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is the first entry in the Desperados franchise since the spinoff Helldorado, which released in Europe in 2007 and North America in 2009. It will be a prequel, showcasing what bounty hunter John Cooper was up to prior to the events of the series’ first entry, Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive.

It might have been over ten years since John Cooper last graced our screens, but the bounty hunter/gunslinger/gang leader has definitely still got it. The trailer features Cooper shooting down enemies, running and jumping along trains, and even dropping rocks on the bad guys while the background music – the perfectly chosen Royal Deluxe’s Dangerous – croons “I’m gonna rock you”. It’s definitely more than enough to get a Desperados fan excited for Cooper’s brand-new adventures in the lawless West.

In addition to Cooper, players will be able to control four of his companions: gambler Kate, hitman Doc, trapper Hector and newcomer Isabelle. Each character possesses unique skills and specialties, creating multiple options for players to address and solve each problem they encounter. Want to play it stealthy? Want to rush into the conflict guns blazing? Want to be a peacemaker who prefers nonlethal attacks? Want to use the brand-new Showdown Mode to pause and think before entering battle? You can do it all and more!

Desperados III will feature a sprawling Wild West world to explore, filled with unique and varied environments. You’ll be able to explore vast swamps, isolated frontier towns, and, of course, plenty of cross-country trains to ride, climb and jump from. THQ Nordic promises that the game will be bigger than ever, with even more of the West to journey through alongside Cooper and his companions.

The game is available for pre-order on its official website here. In addition to the standard version of the game, you can purchase a Digital Deluxe edition, which includes a season pass featuring 3 installments of upcoming DLC, as well as a 75-track extended version of the game’s original soundtrack.

Are you looking forward to Desperados III? What sort of adventure will you have alongside John Cooper? Let us know!

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