Splatoon’s UK marketing campaign on the same level as Mario Kart 8

When it comes to Wii U games Nintendo has hardly put much work into advertising the games that arrive on the system, one of the few notable exceptions was of course Mario Kart 8 which saw a lot of work put into advertising and promoting the game and it worked out well. Now Nintendo is getting set to release Splatoon and they quite the bit of advertising and promoting coming for the game, as well as already happened particularly in the UK. Nintendo UK marketing manager Chandra Nair has said Splatoon is set to have the same volume of marketing as Mario Kart 8.

He had this to say:

We have a substantial campaign planned for Splatoon. To give you an idea of the scale, we’re matching Mario Kart 8 – that’s the potential we think Splatoon has. We have the utmost confidence in the potential of Splatoon. It gives retailers a fantastic art style that stands out in-store or on-screen and it also offers various up-sell opportunities with the accompanying Amiibo. It’s a really interesting game for us because it allows us to expand out to a group of people who may never have considered Wii U before.

Thus far, Nintendo has already been involved with digital billboards, cinema ads during Tomorrowland and Mad Max, a sponsorship of Cartoon Network, and a digital campaign that started in April. That’s on top of a Splatoon-themed skatepark in Corby which opened last month.

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