Fire Emblem Engage: Adopting Animals & Farmyard Guide

One feature available in Fire Emblem Engage is the ability to adopt animals and bring them to your Farmyard in the Somniel, the area where you and your units hang out between battles. These animals can then provide you with helpful items such as cooking and crafting ingredients – completely free! It is recommended to always have a Farmyard full of animals so that you are receiving these items each time you visit the Somniel. This guide will cover how to adopt animals, how to find rare animals, and which animals give the best rewards.

The Farmyard is available beginning in Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem Engage, as soon as the Somniel is open to you. You can keep five animals in the Farmyard at any time. The rest of the animals you have adopted will stay in the barn. Only the five animals in the Farmyard will give you items. You can switch out the animals at any time simply by visiting the barn. You can also pet and interact with the animals in the Farmyard, but this will not give you any additional items. (Although, it is fun to give your adorable animals some love!)

It is generally recommended to adopt as many animals as possible, as there is no limit on how many animals can live in the Somniel at one time. Which animals are active in the Farmyard will depend on what items you find yourself needing at any time, although this guide will offer suggestions regarding which animals provide the best item drops.

How to Adopt Animals in Fire Emblem Engage


After you finish a battle in Fire Emblem Engage, you are able to explore the battlefield and talk to your units and various NPCs. On each map, there will generally be between 1 and 3 animals. Animals are identified by orange dots on the mini map. Simply approach an animal and click on it. Then, if you are able to adopt the animal, you will be asked whether or not you want to bring it back to the Somniel with you. Simply click Yes and that animal will automatically appear in the barn the next time you visit the Somniel.

Some animals can be adopted immediately with no special requirements. However, certain animals require donating money to one of the game’s four countries in order to adopt them. You can donate money to countries by interacting with the Bulletin Board in the Somniel. Although there are several donation tiers available for each country, you only need to donate 5,000 gold to a country to be able to adopt all of its exclusive animals.

Below is a list of which animals have specific donation requirements and which animals do not:

No Requirements: Elyosian Sheep, Elyosian Dog, Black Elyosian Dog, White Elyosian Dog, Eastern Freecat, Northern Freecat, Southern Freecat, Western Freecat, Hop Rabbit, White Hop Rabbit, Elyosian Pigeon, Elyosian Seagull

Donate 5,000 to Firene: Firenese Cat, Calisson Chicken, Mere Donkey

Donate 5,000 to Brodia: Brodian Cat, Aura Eagle, Rutile Marmot

Donate 5,000 to Elusia: Elusian Cat, Iris Owl, Vervarian Deer

Donate 5,000 to Solm: Solmic Cat, Panna Camel, Tartu Flamingo

Where Do Animals Appear?


Animals appear after any type of battle: main chapter, Paralogue, or optional Skirmish. The Common animals – all animals listed under “No Requirements” above – can be found on any map in the game. The rarer animals, however, can only be found in maps within their country of origin. In general, a higher number of animals will spawn on outdoor maps than indoor maps. Before entering a map, you can check which animals have a chance of appearing. It is possible that you may have to battle several times on a map for the rare animal you want to appear.

In addition, all animals – including rare ones –  have a small percentage chance of appearing on the Fell Xenologue maps obtained via purchasing the DLC for Fire Emblem Engage.

Animals Provide Unique Rewards


Each animal provides a different reward when placed in the Farmyard on the Somniel. The rewards spawn whenever you visit the Somniel between battles. They can also sometimes spawn when time passes on the Somniel (if you have Alear sleep in their room). Sleeping several times in a row may spawn additional items, but this is not guaranteed to work. The best way to ensure that you obtain a lot of items is to visit the Somniel after each main chapter, Paralogue, and side Skirmish in Fire Emblem Engage.

Below is a list of which animals reward you with which items when kept in the Farmyard:

Elyosian Dog: Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot

Black Elyosian Dog: Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot

White Elyosian Dog: Iron Ingot, Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot

Northern Freecat: Cod

Eastern Freecat: Salmon

Western Freecat: Sardines

Southern Freecat: Salmon

Elyosian Sheep: Milk

Elyosian Pigeon: Nuts

Elyosian Seagull: Nuts

Hop Rabbit: Berries

White Hop Rabbit: Berries

Firenese Cat: Carp

Calisson Chicken: Eggs

Mere Donkey: Rare Vegetable

Brodian Cat: Herring

Aura Eagle: Beef, Chicken, Mutton, Pork

Rutile Marmot: Rare Fruit

Elusian Cat: Cod

Iris Owl: Tomato, Berries

Vervarian Deer: Rare Vegetable

Solmic Cat: Eel

Panna Camel: Wheat Flour, Beans, Spices, Rice

Tartu Flamingo: Rare Fish

Which Animals Give the Best Rewards?


You can rotate the animals in your Farmyard every time you visit the Somniel. In general, if you find yourself short a particular ingredient, you should put the animal who provides that ingredient in the Farmyard until you are restocked. However, in general, Dogs are the best animal to have in your Farmyard. They produce Ingots, including the rare Silver Ingots, which are used to forge weapons at the Blacksmith. These powerful weapons can be a huge help in clearing tricky battles and Paralogues. While Ingots can rarely spawn around the Somniel or on battle maps, raising Dogs is the best and most reliable way to spawn them in Fire Emblem Engage.

Other than Dogs, the Mere Donkey, Vervarian Deer, Rutile Marmot, and Tartu Flamingo are great options because they provide Rare ingredients. These Rare ingredients can be used to top any dish you cook, which provides a chance of increasing the dish’s quality and thus increasing the Support bonus the meal provides between the units who eat it. Rare Fish, Vegetables, and Fruits, like Ingots, are found only uncommonly outside of the Farmyard. 

This is all you need to know to adopt and raise animals and claim lots of awesome items in Fire Emblem Engage. Check out GameLuster’s other Fire Emblem Engage guides to learn even more about how to raise your army, explore the Somniel, merge with Emblems, and ultimately defeat the Fell Dragon!

Which animals have you adopted so far in Fire Emblem Engage? Which are you keeping in your Farmyard? Comment below and let us know!

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