Fire Emblem Three Houses Coming Spring 2019

Today at E3, Nintendo finally revealed Fire Emblem for the Switch. Originally slated for a release in 2018, it is now dropping in Spring 2019.

Called Fire Emblem Three Houses, the game will be on a brand new continent in the Fire Emblem universe: Fódlan. Sparse story details include a Church of Seiros vying for power over this continent and its inhabitants.

It also looks like three noble houses will be fighting for something, although the trailer mentions crests. Crests are “tokens of the goddesses power” and are required to maintain order. The story might involve these three houses attempting to obtain said crests.

The gameplay shows the typical turn-based strategy elements with a few new twists. Moving a unit showed attack and magic prompts, but a new too: formation. The trailer shows that in addition to a specific named unit, that unit will have a formation of troops to support them.

There also appears to be city exploration, although unlike Fire Emblem: Shadow of Valentia, you can move in a 3D environment wherever you want within this city. It looks like you will be able to converse with other characters and train skills.

We have plenty to look forward to with this new title, and with the release being Spring 2019, there will be more information as the date draws closer. Check out the full trailer below:

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