Spider-Man Receives New Gameplay Trailer – E3 2018

New footage of Insomniac’s Spider-Man title was released.

During Sony’s E3 press conference, new gameplay footage of Spider-Man was shown, which can be seen below. In the footage, we see Spider-Man quelling a riot at the super-prison, the Raft. The villain Electro has released all the prisoners, including some of Spidey’s other enemies, such as Scorpion and Rhino. We see Spider-Man fight a group of enemies before chasing after Electro, and then get beat down by a group of super-villains.

Though he was not shown in the gameplay footage, we do know that Miles Morales will make an appearance in the game, giving us two web-heads in the title. Morales has become very popular since his debut in the Ultimate Marvel universe, and will make some kind of appearance in Insomniac’s title.

Spider-Man will release on September 7 for the PlayStation 4.

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