Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Revealed; Ridley Joins the Roster – E3 2018

A slew of details were revealed on the next Smash Bros. title: Super Smash Bros.: Ultimate. I would list all the characters coming to the next Super Smash Bros., but I could just write this: every character ever in a Smash game will be in this one. Yes, that includes all characters in the original, Melee, Brawl, Smash for Wii U and 3DS, and any DLC characters. They’re all here, including some that have sat out, like Pichu, Snake, or Young Link.

There will be a couple new characters as well. The Inkling from Splatoon will join the fight, along with a Killer Wail final smash and eight variants. Due to massive fan request, Ridley from the Metroid series will be a fighter. After the gameplay footage, Sakurai, Bill Trinen, and others played some rounds of Smash, including as Ridley. Ridley’s height was a problem, Sakurai said, but they have been able to implement Ridley effectively as a Smash fighter.

Several details were revealed in the gameplay footage: characters, stages, techniques, and items. We will be adding the footage to this story once it becomes available so you can see it all. For now, here are some points [see below].

Update: We have now added the full reveal from Nintendo Direct below.

Final smashes are straight and to the point.

Zelda’s character design is from A Link Between Worlds.

You can play as a female Pokemon trainer.

There will be eight Villager variants.

There will be tiny details, like Olimar’s helmet getting cracked. Faces are more expressive, especially Donkey Kong’s eye-popping goofiness.

Assist trophies can be KO’d. There will be more than 50. The Nintendog assist trophy will be a toy poodle this time.

Fake Smash Balls will destroy everyone if someone accidentally busts one.

There will be lots of stages. Great Plateau Tower from Breath of the Wild will be one of them.

Perfect Shield happens when you release the shield button with perfect timing. There will be directional air dodges.

All amiibos will be compatible. Gamecube controllers will also be compatible with Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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