Fire Emblem Warriors Releasing this October in Europe

A new trailer has arrived for Fire Emblem Warriors that delves into even more story content. The trailer centers around Fire Emblem Fates and the ongoing conflict within that game, but with a slight twist: Fire Emblem Warriors will bring together sworn enemies to fight for the common good as the Noir and Hoshido agree to work together to defeat the Chaos Dragon.

Watch it below:

While we were previously aware of Xander and Ryoma being playable in the game, Leo, Camilla, Hinoka and Takumi have also been revealed as playable. The only royal siblings who are sitting out of the game are Elise and Sakura. Although they might be revealed later, their given classes in Fates could keep them off the roster of Warriors.

Nintendo of Europe has also revealed that Fire Emblem Warriors will be headed to the Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS on October 20. While this date only applies to Europe, a similar release date could come for North America.

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