Five Nights At Freddy’s Now Has Official Merchandise

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a point and click horror game with a massive following.

Although this game has a huge fan base, Scott Cawthon (the creator) hasn’t seemed very interested in selling merchandise for the games. Until now.

Sanshee, an online marketplace dedicated to selling video game merchandise, has been given the rights to make official Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise by Scott.

This includes; T-Shirts, Scarfs, Lanyards, Plushies and other merchandise.

The store is small, and is often sold out. But Sanshee is the only site with the right to make and sell Five Nights at Freddy’s merchandise.

Check out the site here.

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Keira Price
Keira Price
3 years ago

Can I have the foxy and mangle plush please.