Five Worthwhile Nintendo Switch Games – eShop Edition

If you thought the Nintendo Switch’s retail releases were great — and there was a definite variety — then you will be amazed with the system’s eShop. The service is stacked with incredible games that will appeal to a wide variety of players, and if you are looking for games to pick, you have come to the right place. Here are five games that are worth your time from the Nintendo eShop.

Stardew Valley

Among the games available through the eShop, none could be more highly recommended than Stardew Valley. Even if you are a fan of games like Harvest Moon, you can still have a jolly time playing Stardew Valley. That’s the power of this particular game; from simple beginnings, you plant some crops, befriend some people, chop some trees, and forage for resources. Yet as you continue, the game expands as new avenues for adventure and relaxation open up, and you decide the way you want to play.

Before long you are engrossed in the game with more than 100 hours logged in, and you wonder where time has gone. But you know what? In that time, all you can think is how enjoyable Stardew Valley is. Through the magic of its charming nostalgic visuals, beautiful melodies, and relaxing gameplay, you can’t help but smile as you plant crops and make new friends. Stardew Valley is simply wonderful and a game that is hard not to like. If you have not yet played this game, the Switch offers the best version thanks to portable play making it more widely accessible in your everyday life.

Come relax in Stardew Valley.

Thimbleweed Park

Many would remember the heyday of point-and-click adventure games, with classics like Tales of Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Grim Fandago, or Day of the Tentacle. These games were the childhood for many game players who have seen less of these games as time went on, but, much like anything today, there has been a resurgence. Thimbleweed Park is a tried-and-true rebirth of point-and-click adventure games, with all the zany humor, charming characters, and amazing stories that come with it.

It helps that Ron Gilbert, one of the creative minds behind some of the all-time classics of the genre, is the lead figure behind this game. He knew what he was doing and worked hard to create a world that is interesting to explore and characters that you want to know more about, especially as their motivations are far from black and white. Thimbleweed Park holds your interest from start to finish with its brain-teasing puzzles and meta narrative that will leave you scratching your brain as the credits roll.


There is a wonderful quality to some cheaper games like Kamiko. This game will cost players around $5, and for the price you are getting a decent experience.

Kamiko is a short game, with most playthroughs completed within thirty minutes, and that is where the value of the game shines. For those looking for a fun and fast-paced action game, look no further than Kamiko, which is perfect for pick-up-and-play and remains fun across multiple playthroughs.

The game offers you three playable characters, each using a different weapon that changes the way you approach enemies. One character uses a bow, requiring distance to defeat foes and avoid damage. There’s a sword wielder who is in your face, and there’s a hybrid character who wields a boomerang, mirror and dagger. Each character brings their own unique style, which makes each playthrough enjoyable. Outside of combat, each level does hold a series of puzzles and challenges that you need to complete. These are simple but fun as you attempt to carry an item across a stage without getting hit or solve basic progression puzzles.

Kamiko offers plenty of good times for its low price.


There aren’t many horror games on the Switch yet, but one that is available is worth your time. Perception is a fantastic horror experience that provides an interesting twist on tradition as the focus of the gameplay is that your character is blind. This ramps up tension as you seek to complete your objective all while only being able to see through echolocation by tapping your cane. Better watch out, though, as this is where trouble starts. The enemies track you by your sound, so tap it one too many times and you are finished.

This is a clever mechanic that builds tension through players’ own curiosity and wish to see through the darkness. Should you find yourself seeking a horror game with a twist, look no further than Perception. It will terrify with suspense of the fear of sight.

Golf Story

Golf isn’t exactly the most exciting of sports whether played in real life or in a video game, but Golf Story makes it interesting by being a full-length role-playing game, akin to Mario Tennis for the Game Boy.

You follow a heavy narrative filled with fun story beats and excellent gameplay. The sport of golf is key to the game but this is not a game of simply bouncing from course to course.

There are numerous characters to interact with that provide interesting dialogue, and there are many wonderful puzzles that challenge you on your golf skills. The golf areas are vast and filled with things to do as you attempt to hit balls across water to hit a button or to rescue people.

The golf mechanic in this game stands a step above traditional golf experiences, and it offers players hours of fun with extensive gameplay and story. Golf Story will entertain gamers who enjoy wonderful narrative experiences and those looking for a game that will surprise with its quality and interesting golf mechanics.

These are five games from a very extensive library of excellent offerings, but if you are looking for something great to play I couldn’t recommend these games enough. Stardew Valley, Thimbleweed Park, and Kamiko have held my interest for quite a long time, and I am sure you could find something here that will appeal to you, whether you like horror, farming, or mystery.


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