On March 31, Fortnite’s servers will experience scheduled downtime, length currently unspecified, in preparation for the launch of version 12.30. This update represents the next step in the popular battle royale’s Chapter 2, Season 2.

Last week’s 12.21 update introduced new challenges featuring the character King Oro. Completing them would reward players with two new items: the Greed Wrap and the Golden Scepter Pickaxe. Players who successfully made their way through all the challenges would also receive 400,000 EXP.

Developer Epic Games did not release patch notes before the update. However, fans have taken to the Internet to speculate about what version 12.30 might have in store. It is theorized to include new skins and items, in addition to fixing several previously identified bugs.

Speculated skins include the Spring themed “Bun Bun” “Quackling” and “Stella” as well as “Hit Man,” which will allow players to proudly sport a target on their chest and the duo “Boxer” and “Boxy,” who, as the name suggests, are sporting some excellent cardboard box inspired fashion. The new items include a springy trampoline called the “Crash Pad” and the “Kingsman Umbrella,” a weapon that allows players to reduce fall damage by floating gently towards the ground.

Bug fixes include an issue where the Harpoon Gun item was failing to pick up loot as well as glitches experienced when using the “Auto Pick Up” setting. Additionally, lobby displays of tournament scores were updated, and an error was fixed which would cause players to become stuck and unable to properly enter the Spy Games mode. Many other minor issues will be fixed alongside the above.

Have you been enjoying Season 2 of Fortnite? Which of the new skins and items are you most excited about? Let us know!

You can read the full Fortnite V12.30 patch notes here.

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