Four Games to be Added to Nintendo Switch Online Next Week

Nintendo has grown incredibly inconsistent with the Nintendo Switch Online service and its additions to the classic games library. What started as new releases monthly via the service changed as Nintendo began throwing games onto the service whenever they felt like it. Now we are lucky if Nintendo decides to add new titles every other month. Thankfully, for those looking for more classic games to play on the Switch, four more games are set to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online service next week.

According to a tweet that Nintendo posted, the next update will add four games to the service. Three games will come from the Super Nintendo and one from the Nintendo Entertainment System. From the Nintendo Entertainment System Tecmo’s Rygar will be made available, offering players a classic side-scrolling action title to play.

As for the Super Nintendo releases, service users can look forward to the addition of Panel de Pon, better known as the Japanese release of Tetris Attack. Natsume’s Wild Guns will also be released, which is considered a classic by many, offering its players a western themed shooting gallery experience. Finally, Jaleco’s Operation Logic Bomb will also be added. This seems to be the most obscure of the titles being added to the Nintendo Switch Online Service, and is an overhead action game.

All of these titles are set to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online service on May 20th for those interested in experiencing any of these retro titles. Do any of these appeal to you and even add value to the Nintendo Switch Online service, or does this slow roll out continue to disappoint? Also, would you rather see more of Nintendo’s first party titles then these random third party releases? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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