Capcom Say Nemesis Was Updated to Reference Resident Evil 4

Capcom has revealed in a blog post that they updated Nemesis in this year’s Resident Evil 3 to reference the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake.

In a Playstation Blog post announcing the arrival of the big bad in the multiplayer spin-off, Resistance, the makers of the horror franchise revealed why Nemesis could infect the dead with parasites, a trait the monster did not possess in the original RE3.

When asked what the developers hoped to achieve with this radical change in Nemesis, they explained, “This was implemented as a means of differentiating Nemesis from Tyrant in Resident Evil 2.”

“We wanted Nemesis to come across as an even more formidable opponent, so we started considering alternate abilities aside from its heavy weapon artillery.”

They added, “We inevitably decided on this final ability due to the presence of Ganado in Resident Evil 4.”

Nemesis Updated For Resident Evil Tie In
Nemesis Updated For Resident Evil Tie In. (Picture: Capcom).

As announced by VGC, Capcom is now working on a remake to Resident Evil 4, which would justify the decision to update Nemesis in the third.

When Capcom was asked where the Nemesis project fitted into Umbrella’s company plans during Resident Evil 3, they said that the bioweapon research was “split between Europe and America.”

They further revealed, “The European branch handled project Nemesis, while the American branch handled T-virus research in tandem.” Capcom explained that the Nemesis Project as a means to “artificially create the Plagas parasite.” Plagas was first introduced to the franchise in Resident Evil 4, and in turn, this created the NE-α.

They explained the idea of finding a live host that would be able to contain NE-α, which would “physically change and transform its host into a bioweapon.” It turned out that no host was capable of containing the true power of NE-α, and the project was finally scrapped.

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