They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the same doesn’t apply to video games. In fact, video games have become somewhat of an art form unto themselves. The cover not only serves as a form of advertising for the game, but it also enables gamers to either fall in love with a creation or hate it – much like a music album cover does for music fans.

We have had a simply humongous array of video games over the years and on a wide variety of devices too. New forms of gaming are emerging, where covers don’t really come into it. For example, casino games like 9 Masks of Fire at CA and other mobile games such as Pokemon Go and Angry Birds don’t really need a memorable cover as, ultimately, they’re games that are purchased via an app store. There’s no actual cover that you can hold, feel and see right in front of you. That’s the modern world we now live in. We have had some memorable covers, though.

So, without further ado, we felt it was necessary to show our appreciation to four video game covers that the makers simply aced. He’s hoping the video game cover continues to live on too; otherwise we’ll lose a special cog to the gaming world’s wheel.

Resident Evil 4 (2007)


An example of conceptual cover art at its best, Resident Evil 4’s front cover captures the horror of the game perfectly and in an excellent cartoon style too. Showing dark woods and a hooded character that appears to be holding a chainsaw, the creepy and mysterious element to the game that is so prominent throughout the actual gameplay is there for all to see on the cover. Perhaps with a slight nod to a few classic slasher films from the past too, the cover for Resident Evil 4 is definitely a classic.

Pac-Man (1982)


We couldn’t really leave this one off the list, could we? Pac-Man is a truly iconic game. Originally released on the 1982 Atari 2600, Pac-Man and its art is a classic in the gaming world. With its larger than life Pac-Man looming over the notorious ghosts and munching down a power pill from the game, the cover captures what the game is about perfectly. Not only did this cover help to sell the game with its appealing look, but it also enabled gamers to see exactly what is that they’re about to get stuck into. What you saw on the cover was exactly what you got in the game. Nailed it.

Super Mario 64 (1996)


We’ve all read the reviews of it and probably even played it ourselves and are therefore well versed on just how much of an iconic and amazing game Super Mario 64 is, but the artwork around the game tends to get ignored, especially when it comes to the front cover. Featuring a larger than life Mario who appears to be heading right towards you as you stare at the cover, he looks a lot happier than usual. The sky and castle in the background certainly appeal too, hammering home just how fun the game is before you’ve even opened it up. Simple but effective.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004)

Released in 2004, the cover art for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is just about as memorable as it gets. Featuring the police, cars, gang members and women which are so prominent throughout the game, the cover gives a perfect glimpse into a fictional world full of dodgy dealings and mayhem. Perfect. Just perfect.

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