Far Cry Classic is HERE!

Jack Craver returns! It has been 10 years since the first Far Cry was released by Crytek and back then,the open-world first-person-shooter game was a breath of fresh air for everyone. At the time,all gamers already had more than their recommended dosage of linear corridor shooters, and being able to walk around on your own for once was a big change of pace. But Far Cry was more of a test demo than a game,testing out Crytek’s new engine The CryEngine. (which would later but updated and used in other games)

But now you can relive the world of the original Far Cry in Far Cry Classic. A better looking,more advanced version of the first Far Cry. The new version comes with graphical enhancements to the environment and cutscenes, and a new UI system is in place.Also, you can finally aim with iron sights and not have to zoom in with your gun. That is what I call a remake! If you don’t believe me,check out the trailer to below for your eyes only.

The best part of all this,the classic version is it’s out NOW on PlayStation 3 store and Xbox Live Arcade. But even better,the game is only $9.99!!! I said it folks, $9.99! That is a steal for what your receiving. If you never played the first Far Cry game and want to take a blast to the past,this game is your accuse to do so.

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