Titanfall beta registration has BEGUN!

A little birdie came and told me that the Titanfall beta registration has now started,and that little birdie told me to tell you. But don’t get too excited cowboy,just because you register doesn’t mean you’ll get into the beta. Beta codes are only going out to a selected few,and the way you’ll know if you have been chosen is that EA will sent you instructions on how to access the beta before February 17th.

The registration process itself is not that hard,you have to give your email,country,date of birth,and read EA’s terms of service (basically check mark a box).

Getting access to the beta is not first come,first serve. It has been unannounced how the selection of individuals will happen,I would suppose it will random throughout region,since they do ask what country your from.

Unfortunately for Xbox 360,the beta is only available to PC and Xbox One users. (Sorry Last Generation)

So are what your waiting for? Go sign up for the beta! You might get in.


Source: IGN.com

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