Retro Mech sidescroller Wolf Fang comes howling to the Playstation Network.

Today signals the release of Wolf Fang by MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. It is avalaible now on the Playstation Network for a mere $5.99 and playable on the Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and PSP.  Gamers looking for some classic, retro arcade action should have plenty to chew off, excuse the pun.

The game traces its roots back to classic Japanese arcade hits and is a sequel to the 16-bit title Vapor Trail. Hence it carries a similar aesthetic to it. Meaning it has mechs and 80’s retro explosions. The mechs themselves need to survive wave after wave of enemies in intense run and gun action.

Customising your mech is the core feature in Wolf Fang with 12 parts to swap in and out. This allows to create mechs that handle and control differently based on the configurations you choose. Therefore you can create certain loadouts that will be suitable for the games various fast paced missions.

Wolf Fang is part of the Retro Rush event from MonkeyPaw Games. MonkeyPaw is working toward releasing six PSone® titles on the PlayStation®Network in the first quarter of 2014. More information about the Retro Rush event can be found on the MonkeyPaw Games website at

Wet your frothing lips while taking a gander at some screenshots here.


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