The team-up between Marvel Studios and Epic Games’ popular battle royale title Fortnite is coming to an explosive end. The villain Galactus, Destroyer of Worlds, whose presence was previously hinted at in-game, is coming to Fortnite. Players will have to team up to save the world from one of Marvel’s most iconic villains.

The Galactus Event will begin at 1PM PT/4PM ET today, December 1. Epic claims that Interested players should log in approximately one hour early, as the event is expected to be extremely popular and may hit max capacity.

As for what exactly will happen during the Galactus event – well, actually, we don’t know! Epic has been keeping details of this season-concluding event strictly under wraps. All that has been revealed is that Fortnite players will be “joining the battle” against Galactus, and that the fate of the entire world would be at stake.

Prior to the event, Galactus’s body has been seen slowly rising from the ocean to the west of Sweaty Sands. Presumably, this is where the battle against Galactus will occur – but, again, no details have been revealed.

However, Epic Games did publish a cryptic Tweet via the game’s official Twitter account. This Tweet asked players if they “knew how to drive the Battle Bus,” possibly indicating that this vehicle may play a major role in the upcoming battle.

While the battle against Galactus will be a one time event, Epic is allowing certain sponsored creators to upload footage of the event to YouTube and other video streaming sites. Some gaming news outlets, including IGN, plan to record the event in its entirety and make it available for viewing to those who might have missed out on participating in the battle themselves

Fortnite players, are you ready to battle Galactus? Let us know if you’ll be logging on to the join the fight!

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