Game Busters Episode 30 – Go Diego, Go! | Persona 5

Hot on the heels of Persona 5 Strikerslet’s take a look back at the game that kicked it all off.

Put on your skin tight leather suits and jump into the Metaverse with Nirav, Kate, Elizabeth and Will as we discuss the history and legacy of Persona 5 (Rhi will be back next week!) Talking points include the Ultimate Loser, summoning Toby, eating the big burger, dunking on the olds, Futaba’s catchphrase, Pentatonix spoilers and a river in a dry land. It’s Game Busters: Delicious Pancakes edition!


  • 0:00​ The Hall of Fameluster – Most Stylish Villain
  • 10:54​ Bust ‘Ems – Persona 5
  • 01:19:47​ Time for Games – Persona or A Person?
  • 01:26:04​ Closing and I forgot Todd Howard

Every week, Nirav, Rhi and a panel of self-proclaimed experts bust open a game to its component parts with a mixture of large hammers and positive vibes. Come join us! You can listen to last week’s episode on the original Mass Effect here!

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