Game Busters Episode 33 – Donkey Kong Host Club | Yakuza Series

The Yakuza series is one that doesn’t quite feel real. Ever since Luke made me edit that list he did on the top 10 karaoke performances in the franchise, I have been wondering if it’s some big conspiracy, created just to mess with us. But apparently it isn’t.

Strap on your imaginary armor and dive into the history, development and legacy of the Yakuza series with Nirav, Rhi, Tim, Luke and Luke’s two year old nephew. Talking points include anime club, Hostess Club rabbit holes, Samurai Warrior Night Final, gamer boy takes, Rhi’s caveman internet, and the Midnight Attacker, Mark Hamill. It’s Game Busters: Next Gen Crustacean AI Edition!


  • 0:00​ The Hall of Fameluster – Best Mini Game
  • 18:51​ Bust ‘Ems – Yakuza
  • 01:01:36​ Time for Games – Localize This!

Every week, Nirav, Rhi and a panel of self-proclaimed experts bust open a game to its component parts with a mixture of large hammers and positive vibes. Come join us! You can listen to last week’s episode on the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl here!

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