Game Busters Podcast Ep 8 (Pokémon Sword/Shield) – I Want to Get Off Mr. Rime’s Wild Ride

Join Nirav, Elizabeth, and special guest Rhett as we dive into Pokémon Sword and Shield, eat the blue donut mushroom, lovingly caress Machoke, defeat Kappa Alpha Theta, put Game Freak on notice, stan for Dreepy, Dream a Super Dream, and find Mr. Rime’s real mouth.


It’s the 95th Annual Pokemon Spectacular! Come join us for some good vibes, good Pokémon, and good times! No knowledge of Pokémon necessary to enjoy. If you’re just curious about what all the fuss is about, we got you covered!

Every week, Nirav and a panel of self-proclaimed experts bust open a game to its component parts with a mixture of large hammers and positive vibes. Come join us!

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0:00 Intro

03:15 What’s cool this week?

05:56 The Hall of Fameluster – Ugliest Pokemon

15:15 Bust ‘Ems – Pokemon Sword and Shield

1:08:05 Time for Games – Who’s that Pokemon, Special Chinese Edition

1:13:24 The Wishing Well – Dream Pokemon Spin Off?

1:19:35 Closing

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