Game of the Week – Batman Arkham City

It is funny to think just how bad most games about superheroes are, and in this I am referring to those major comic book heroes that we want to be able to play as but often their games are just dull. Not that they don’t try it is just developers can’t always bring out the best in these famous characters and show off them with their skill set in game that is fun and balanced. On the odd occasion we have seen developers bring life to these characters in a way that is flattering to their character, as an example Spider Man 2 managed to be one of Spiderman’s best gaming outings that was a wonderful showing of how a game could be made of a hero. However it is Batman that has had the most luck as a hero in a game.

Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series has proven that done right games based on superheroes can be some of the best games ever made and I can think of no better example of this then Batman’s second outing, Batman Arkham City.

Batman Arkham City saw us escape the more linear settings of Arkham Asylum and get thrown into a gigantic city section where we were able to act as if we were Batman. We could glide off rooftops, grapple onto higher up places and all around be Batman right down to combat.

Arkham City is that perfect hero game, it allowed us to be able to be the hero and play the game in the same vision presented by movies and comic books. Include with this the idea of several of Gothams biggest villains and you know you have a good game. When I played this game I was never bored by this, I had fun exploring the city, I also enjoyed finding all the iconic characters I have come to know with the franchise.

The biggest thing with this game though was the game echoed the idea of Batman, the game was dark and brooding and just all around enjoyable providing that one true experience and I am sure many of you can agree. There was just so much to do and this acted as the perfect playground for Batman making use of his iconic capabilities, better still was the developers portrayal of Batman and Jokers famous, yet confusing relationship.

Overall this was just such a great game and that is why it is my Game of the Week.

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