Gamers Want Cheap Games According To G2A Study

Update 08/27/2020: Below, it is mentioned that the methodology used this survey was not immediately available. Since publication, a representative of G2A contacted us with more details on how the survey was conducted, which will be stated below. 

A study commissioned by controversial marketplace G2A has been released, indicating that the current price point of $60 for video games is too much for current gamers, and hints that rumored price hikes are likely to be more intolerable.

In a survey conducted by a research company Censuswide, 59% of respondents indicated the belief that gaming had gotten too expensive, and reportedly all respondents indicated paying more than $60 for a brand new game is “unfair.”  Further, 48% stated they spend more on games than what they think the game should cost. Only 25% of those surveyed stated they wait for games to be on sale, while a scant 17% indicated they were willing to pay full price for a new title.

With regards to hardware (PCs and components, as well as consoles and peripherals), 41% of those surveyed indicated they felt they were being “outpriced by gaming,” with 39% of 16-24-year-olds stating they had spent between $200 to $1000 on their current gaming setup. A surprising 35% said they had gone into debt to be able to afford games or gaming hardware. Half of the respondents indicated they had used a credit card or dipped into personal savings to make a purchase.

The study has come out right before the release of a new console generation, with “disc-less” versions of new consoles reportedly being lower in price while publishers like 2K Games hinting that next-gen releases such as NBA 2K21 would likely have an initial price point of $69.99.

Food For Thought

G2A’s conclusions would be more persuasive if the company’s reputation was more pristine, as they have been involved in several disputes with developers and publishers over its gray market nature as a key reseller. Their methodology is not immediately available for evaluation, which brings the old saw about “lies, damned lies, and statistics” forcibly to mind.

(Update: G2A clarified that the sample size was 1,031, which according to Censuswide who conducted the survey, is the standard for political polls in the USA. According to Censuswide, there is a 3.1% margin of error, and the survey is “reassuringly robust”)

It is entirely possible that their sample is less than fully conversant in the logistics of game development. Regardless, price points are a legitimate concern among gamers with the impending new generation.

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