Games With Gold for April 2019 Revealed

April is almost here, and those subscribed to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service know what that means: new Games With Gold offerings. This month brings some classics, but also some games deemed as modern disappoints.

Starting with the Xbox One, April 1–30 will bring The Technomancer. This is an action game that sees your character on the run from the secret police. You take on quests that can be completed in a variety of ways to help improve your character, while you can also build a squad and work as a team. Technomancer features several opportunities for player choice, and has a world filled with interesting elements.

From April 16  to May 15 will bring Outcast: Second Contact. This is a remake of a classic game for Windows from 1991 that includes many of the gameplay quirks from the original to various degrees of success. It is said many of the game’s features are dated.

As for the Xbox 360, from April 1 to 15 Microsoft will offer Star Wars Battlefront II, an original Xbox title. Not to be confused with the modern Battlefront series, this game released when Star Wars games were in their prime, being deemed one of the best games in the series. According to people still playing the game today, the gameplay holds up really well and is still a blast.

Finally, from April 16 to April 30 Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 will be available. Advanced Warfighter 2 was showered with praise when it first released thanks to its presentation and use of sound to create a convincing virtual war zone. Much of this game remained the same as its predecessor, but with more of an emphasis on the player leading the charge while commanding their squad to gain advantage.

Those are the available Games With Gold offerings for April, remember if you want to get your hands on these titles you require a valid Xbox Live subscription. And of course, the latter two titles can be played on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Is there any title that you want to play the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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