Gaming Christmas Album “Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. V” Released

Once the Thanksgiving holiday is over in the United States, there will inevitably be Christmas music playing. And while a number of people can’t make it to the mall, gamers can content themselves with a new digital album from Scarlet Moon Records.

Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. V features eight tracks from various composers, composing game tracks in a Christmas music style and Christmas music standards arranged in a fashion you’d expect from a video game.

The full track list is as follows:

  1. Hunter Bridges – Sleigh Ride in Dreamland
  2. bLiNd – Ice Bells Are Ringing (“Ice Cave Chant” from Donkey Kong Country)
  3. mojera – Wonderful Christmas Time
  4. Gene Micofsky – Hills of Destiny (The Messenger)
  5. Mustin – Invasion of the Christmas Spirits (The Legend of the Mystical Ninja)
  6. Justin Lassen – Bunny (“The End of DOOM” from DOOM)
  7. Osamu Kubota – A Midnight Hymn (O Come, O Come, Emmanuel)
  8. VECTORDRIVE – Sunset on the Drift

“We love putting together these Christmas compilations, and it’s great that so many of our artists and friends are also big fans of Christmas music,” notes Scarlet Moon’s Jayson Napolitano.

“We’re really excited to have Gene Micofsky and mojera contribute to the series for the first time. We’ve known Mitsuto Suzuki of mojera for some years and know he’s a huge Christmas music fan, so it was exciting to have them on board. I think fans will also enjoy an original Christmas track by VECTORDRIVE and Ryan Postlethwait, “Sunset on the Drift” along with the rest of this year’s offerings!”

Those interested can purchase the album on Bandcamp, and can receive a 25% discount by using promo code “HOLIDAY2020,” which will be good through Cyber Monday.

Previous contributors to the Scarlet Moon Christmas albums include Robyn Miller (Myst), Norihiko Hibino (Metal Gear Solid), Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana), and Vince DiCola (Rocky IV).

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