Ghost of Tsushima Expansion Could Be Launching This Year

It’s been almost exactly a year since Ghost of Tsushima released and there’s more on the way, possibly sooner than we were expecting. Responding to a tease about what’s in store for Ghost of Tsushima from @Dealer_Gaming on Twitter, XboxEra co-founder @Shpeshal_Nick added that new content will be coming this year. He then further detailed that it will be a standalone expansion called Ghost of Ikishima. There are always game rumours circulating, but it’s worth tentatively taking note when they’re from sources who’ve proven to be reliable before, which Nick has in the past.

There’s little more in the way of details about the leak, though Nick and others speculate Ghost of Ikishima expansion will be cross-gen rather than next-gen only, which makes plenty of sense owing to Ghost of Tsushima being a PlayStation 4 title. But that is still simply speculation at this point in time.

Finally, with Sony once again passing on an E3 showcase this year, it’s likely we’ll be seeing a State of Play some time soon, and these leaks springing up could be a sign it’s just around the corner. Regarding the as-yet unannounced upcoming show, and just how much of the event’s announcements we’re likely to be seeing leaked beforehand, Nick stated that “there’s one big surprise that hasn’t yet”, so that’s a welcome mystery too.

Ghost of Tsushima is available on PlayStation 4.

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