Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Available For Free This Weekend

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is free to play this weekend on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, for those who’ve yet to experience the title. This offer started March 25 and runs until March 30. It will give players an opportunity to get to grips with the game’s “Immersive Mode,” as well as allow players to play the first mission of the new Splinter-Cell themed Deep State Story Campaign, one of eight missions in total.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint suffered a poor launch with mixed critical reception and lower than anticipated sales. At the time of release, a review from PC Gamer said, “Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a bizarre Frankenstein’s monster of a shooter, functional in a basic sense, but fundamentally at odds with every second of its own existence.”

Despite these issues, Ubisoft has stuck with the title and fixed various bugs and developments since then. On March 6, the developers introduced the Ghost Experience Update. So, for one weekend only, those who’ve not played Breakpoint have the chance to reach their own verdict.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Available For Free Play This Weekend
Ghost Recon Breakpoint is free to play for the weekend (Picture: Ubisoft).

As well as its Immersive Mode, there are other two options of play. There’s the original experience, as well as a customizable variant, which includes the removal of gear levels and tiered loot. It will also provide partial health regeneration, as well as limited resources, and a minimal interface.

The aim of the mode is to “bring back the tactical, authentic spec ops feeling that players want from Ghost Recon.” Players are required to use Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold for this weekend offer, depending on the console. For PC players, they can download the game through two platforms, Ubisoft or Epic Games Store. Better still, there’s a massive 70% off the entire experience for anyone impressed by the game.

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