Doom Eternal Breaks Franchise Record For Opening Sales Weekend

Following the launch of Doom Eternal, developers Bethesda Softworks today announced that the game has broken the franchise record for opening weekend sales. As a result, the first-person horror sequel has doubled the revenue from 2016’s Doom.

Better still, Doom Eternal became the best selling game on Steam for the week, and since then, has produced over 100,000 concurrent players on the platform. Despite acclaim from critics upon release, the number of physical sales was down by a third. As compared to 2016’s Doom, it hasn’t reached the same numbers, but digital sales of the game are expected to compensate for the gap. Boxed copies of Doom Eternal were sold early in a bid to get ahead of the curve as stores began to close due to Covid-19.

Bethesda, the developers behind other hit franchises Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, and Dishonored, at this stage, are not revealing how many copies Doom Eternal has sold altogether. Considering the launch revenue has doubled, it’s undoubtedly a hefty number.

Doom Eternal Breaks Franchise Record for Opening Week Sales
Doom Eternal Breaks Franchise Record for Opening Week Sales. (Picture: Bethesda).

Ron Seger, the SVP of Global Sales with Bethesda Softworks praised fans, saying, “We want to thank our millions of fans for their enthusiastic support of this amazing title.” The SVP added, “Despite thousands of retail stores closing, we are pleased so many fans have been able to enjoy Doom Eternal.”

Metacritic has awarded Doom Eternal scores of 90 on the PC, 89 on the Xbox One, and 87 on the PS4. It released on March 20 across the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. Doom Eternal is expected later in the year on the Nintendo Switch. This can only be good news for the horror title as its sales will surely continue to grow.

Ryan McCaffrey of IGN writes, “Whether you’ve been playing Doom for a few years or a few decades, Doom Eternal demands your attention.” 

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