Ghostwire: Tokyo: How To Increase SP Capacity

The last thing you want to see in any game is an empty ammo counter. While the spells you weave in Ghostwire: Tokyo aren’t guns, they function similarly in the sense that they cost SP to use. If you run out, well, then you’re forced to track down some ether to “reload” and get back in the fight.

The benefit to using magic instead of guns – outside of spells just being way cooler – is that you can upgrade Akito’s SP to let you sling more spells before running dry. The yokai stalking the foggy streets of Tokyo are relentless, so you’ll need all the firepower you can get. This guide will teach how you to increase your SP capacity in Ghostwire: Tokyo so that you can stay ahead of your yokai foes!

How To Increase SP Capacity In Ghostwire: Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo Gameplay has Been Revealed

Each of your main spells in Ghostwire: Tokyo has its own SP bars, and thus each one needs to be upgraded individually. Thankfully, the method is always the same: finding Jizo Statues scattered around Tokyo. Each Jizo Statue will be color coded to the spell they will be upgrading, I.E a green statue will upgrade your Wind spell, blue for Water, and red for Fire. 

Jizo Statues are certainly not rare in Ghostwire: Tokyo. In fact, there are 52 of them to find. If you’re in desperate need of some more SP, or just want to stay ahead of the curve, you can donate to Offering Boxes to mark one of them on your map. It would be costly to do this for all of them, but handy if you’re just trying to find those final few. The only downside is that you have no control over which color Jizu Statue the Offering Box will place on your map.

Increasing your SP is just one important aspect of your character to pay attention to in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Increasing your maximum health is also vital to surviving against any spectral stalkers that now haunt Tokyo – so you can check out GameLuster’s other guides to learn all about it!

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