Ghostwire: Tokyo: What To Do With Cats And Dogs

After just about every living person mysteriously vanishes in Ghostwire: Tokyo, the streets will feel quite lonely. Sure, Akito has his ghostly pal KK, but sometimes you need a more familiar type of companionship. One of the few familiar faces you can encounter belongs to adorable cats and dogs.

Probably because they’re just too pure, cats and dogs have somehow dodged the supernatural phenomenon that wiped almost every human out of existence. For an animal lover, this might sound more like a paradise than a nightmare, but how much can you actually interact with these furry friends?

What To Do With Cats And Dogs In Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo cats
Cats and dogs can be interacted with, sometimes even with rewards.

Let’s start with cats since they’re a little simpler. When you approach a feline, outside of the ones that have become shopkeepers, you are prompted to either pet them or read their thoughts. Of course, you’re going to pet them, let’s not kid ourselves, so what does reading a cat’s mind do? Well, just that; it will tell you what the cat is thinking for a little extra flavor of that cat’s personality.

Dogs also have the same two options, so pet away! However, if you have some dog food in your inventory while reading a dog’s mind you can choose to give it a little meal. If you do, the dog will lead you a short distance and dig up a hidden treasure! The reward will always be some Meika, and always way more than it would’ve cost to buy the dog food in the first place.

Having a quiet moment to relax with a friendly cat or dog is a perfect way to relieve the stress of being in a haunted Tokyo. While this is a perfect reprieve, eventually you will need to solve this paranormal problem, so load up on health, expand your SP, and maybe even visit an Offering Box before facing off against these spooky spectres using our guides!

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