Ghostwire: Tokyo: How To Increase Your Inventory Capacity

You may be in a world where your main character is possessed by a spirit, you can shoot spells from your fingertips, and almost the entire population has vanished in a paranormal catastrophe – but you can still only carry so much in your pockets! Ghostwire: Tokyo is chock full of items to collect, and you’ll need as many as you can carry.

Akito’s inventory is broken up into several different sections, but outside of key items, outfits, and collectibles, there’s a hard limit on how much you can carry. Having to stop your ghost-busting gameplay to manage your inventory is a major drag, so let’s add some space, shall we?

How To Increase Your Inventory Capacity In Ghostwire: Tokyo 

Ghostwire: Tokyo inventory
Limited inventories are a universal experience in gaming.

The parts of your inventory that are limited, and thus able to be expanded, are all your consumables (food, drinks, and spectral food), arrows, talismans, and katashiro. Because they’re divided up like this, you will need to increase each one individually, which can be a bit of a drag.

All inventory upgrades are unlockable through your skill tree, which you can earn points in by levelling up. Here are the skills you should seek out to increase each inventory category:

Daikoku: Increases how many consumables you can hold.

Yumitsukai: Increases how many arrows you can hold.

Hoteison: Increases how many talismans you can hold.

Each skill has three levels to gain more and more slots, so invest in each or all of them as you see fit. We recommend increasing your arrow and talisman capacity over consumables, especially if you’re already upgrading your health. These tools are not as common as foods, and you don’t want to be caught running low.

How are you finding the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re getting a little too tense, remember to relieve some stress by visiting a friendly cat or dog before heading back into the fog!

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