Typing games are a genre that has unfortunately gone underappreciated in recent years. Although such classics as Typing of the Dead and Mario Teaches Typing have taught generations of computer users how type quickly and effectively, it is rare these days that a new and unique typing game hits the market. Gamers who have been craving a new typing-related title will be thrilled to experience Touch Type Tale, a new offering developed by Pumpernickel Studios and published by Epic Games.

Combining real-time strategy combat, medieval and illuminated manuscript-inspired aesthetics, and typing-based gameplay, Touch Type Tale tells the story of Paul, an orphan boy whose wizard mentor charges him to use a magical typewriter to defend his home and kingdom from invaders. The game features a story-rich campaign with a wide variety of levels as well as a skirmish mode that allows players to challenge either their friends or AI characters to intense typing battles.

GameLuster’s Kate got the chance to take an early sneak peek at Touch Type Tale hosted by the Pumpernickel Studios team on Wednesday. They came away beyond excited to play the game, which will enter open beta on February 22. Touch Type Tale sets itself apart from other similar games in the genre primarily by its unique approach to combat, which focuses on recruiting workers and soldiers and striking a delicate balance between fortifying your own holdings, earning gold, and gradually attacking and claiming enemy-held fortifications.


As the name suggests, typing is everywhere in Touch Type Tale. You type a level’s name to start it, type words to mine gold, words to hire workers, and words to direct the movements of your troops. Each level is available in five different difficulties ranging from “Easy” to “Heroic,” and the difficulty of the words you need to type increases exponentially as does the aggressiveness of the enemy. Players who simply want to enjoy the game’s campaign will enjoy the presence of easier difficulty, while those who crave a challenge will enjoy battling on Heroic.

The varied levels and rich gameplay of Touch Type Tale ensure that players will not be bored or find their experience repetitive as they play through Paul’s story. Each level becomes more and more complex, adding elements such as magic spells, special units like Trojan Horses and Golems, and even the dreaded Fog of War. Some levels (helpfully labeled as “Freaky”) pose special challenges like moving a boat on the ocean by typing letters on a keyboard-shaped grid and avoiding enemy fire. The multiplayer mode is also there to scratch players’ competitive itch, with the AI challengers varying greatly in difficulty and the opportunity to either challenge friends or match up against random opponents based on skill level and ranking.

Touch Type Tale will enter open beta on February 22. It will be available on PC via the Epic Games Store. Pumpernickel Studios is also planning future updates for the game, including the addition of voice acted cut scenes. Typing and strategy lovers should definitely grab Touch Type Tale and give it a try as soon as it becomes available. Get those typing fingers ready; the kingdom needs you!


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