Goat Simulator will now be a thing.

Awhile ago,Coffee Stain Studios got bored and decided to spent the 5 bucks they made from developing Sanctum to make a Goat Simulator. Yea,I didn’t stutter. A Goat Simulator. From either a casual gamer to an hardcore gamer’s point view,it sounds like the greatest idea to ever grace the plains of planet Earth. They released a video showing “alpha footage” of what they made in an hour, and were just doing it shenanigans and giggles. But with the power of internet,we requested that Goat Simulator be released as a full game. After receiving pressure from big gaming new sites to peers in the gaming industry, Coffee Stain Studios decided to put the plug in and actual sit down and develop this game. There was also pressure to release this game by PewDiePie,but I doubt that effected anything.

The game will only come out on the PC (Sorry Mac and Linux users), and will be fully released this Spring. Coffee Stain Studios doesn’t have that many plans to expand of what you saw in the original video,but they do say there will be mod support so people can do some even more crazier things. Like goats in space fighting the foot clan from TMNT while simultaneously trying to save the world from the nuclear cheese bomb. It’s just idea though.

You can pre-order Coffee Stain Studios’s Goat Simulator now just for 10 bones! Buy it now! Or you can just a buy a real one from Somali for that same amount of money. Either or is fine.


Source: Eurogamer.net

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