GoldenEye 007 Cheats Will Work Differently On Xbox

GoldenEye 007 recently came to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox after its original release on the N64 in 1997. This James Bond inspired FPS was a favourite at its time, most especially for the cheats that could either be input or by completing missions under certain conditions, such as the the Aztec and Egyptian secret levels. However, it appears that for its rerelease, these cheat codes will be available for the Switch version but not Xbox.

An article by Polygon reveals what Xbox think about this situation, “This version of GoldenEye 007 is, for the majority, as players know and love from the 1997 version. Specifically for cheats, these can be unlocked by completing levels in the required times, rather than with the button codes previously used.” Polygon has also included a helpful list as to how to unlock these secret levels without having to input cheat codes. Although the cheat codes can still be used for Switch, they must be translated from the N64 buttons which is a lot trickier.

Despite this setback, it still appears as though speed-runs are the way forward in order to quickly complete missions and unlock cheats. Stephen Berg on Twitter has discovered a mechanic that will allow players to run diagonally, making them a lot faster. He says, “It’s vital for beating target times and unlocking cheats!” As well as this, Youtube account Graslu00 has also created a playlist of a guide on how to unlock all the cheats.

GoldenEye007 also differs for both Switch and Nintendo in other ways. The Xbox version includes 4k resolution, smooth frame rates and split-screen local multiplayer. Whereas the Switch offers the game as part of their Nintendo Switch Online service with online multiplayer modes being exclusive to this version. Something to keep in mind when choosing each oversion

Will you playing GoldenEye007 in 2023? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news!

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nic dundee
nic dundee
1 year ago

Well that’s BS, not everyone has the time to play the same levels a billion times to get the cheats. Way to take fun away from people.

Jeremy Riley
Jeremy Riley
1 year ago

I am not concerned about how to unlock cheats (I mean, cheats are basically there for those who have trouble with the game and want to take the easy way out with God Mode and such), but what I really want to know is will using cheats in the Xbox ports disable achievements?