Gran Turismo 7 Races Onto the PlayStation 5

It wouldn’t be a new PlayStation console without a brand new racing game — and Sony’s reveal event delivered on this promise with the announcement of Gran Turismo 7, the latest installment in Polyphony Digital’s beloved simulation series.

The series, which has been around since the days of the very first PlayStation, is one of the console line’s most beloved (and highest-selling) titles. 7 marks the first main series installment since 2013’s Gran Turismo 6, which was released for the PlayStation 3, although the spin-off title Gran Turismo Sport did debut on the PlayStation 4 in 2017.

A surprisingly long (over three minutes!) trailer showed off some stunning graphics and slick-looking gameplay direct from the cockpit. As with previous Gran Turismo titles, 7 will feature a wide range of cars, both classic and contemporary. Players will be able to compete on courses all around the world, as well as in the newly returned Simulation Mode. A “GT Town” mode serves as the player’s hub, with a “Home” garage bursting with favorite cars, a “Tuning Shop,” a “School,” and much, much more to explore.

Developer Polyphony Digital has confirmed that the game will make use of the haptic feedback and 3D sound capability of the PlayStation 5 console. Players will be able to feel it every time their car’s tires strike the road. Plus, with 3D sound, keeping track of your opponents, and their location on the course will be more comfortable than ever before. Players will truly dive into the cockpit of their favorite racing car as Gran Turismo 7 takes advantage of all the PlayStation 5 has to offer.

Unfortunately, no release date was announced for the title, although it is expected to debut sometime in 2021. As with previous titles in the series, it will be exclusive to the brand new PlayStation 5 console.

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