Hades 2: How To Beat Chronos

Chronos has returned and managed to take over the House of Hades. With his power over time, he was able to subdue almost everyone in the underworld. Luckily, our heroine, Melinoe, can resist some of his influence, and she is the world’s best chance to defeat the titan. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best strategy to beat the Chronos boss fight in Hades 2.

Hades 2 Chronos Boss Fight Guide

Chronos is a tough boss due to his wide attack range and fast speed. For new players, I recommend using ranged attacks to keep your distance from him. You can still try to hit him with melee, but it may increase your chances of getting hurt. Here are some weapons you can use to defeat Chronos:

  • Witch Staff
  • Umbral Flames
  • Argent Skull

The Argent Skull is a rather tricky weapon to wield since you are limited by your ammo. I personally enjoy using The Witch Staff since it has good melee and ranged attacks. On the other hand, The Moonstone Axe is arguably the worst weapon for new players. Although it deals a ton of damage, it is very slow, which makes you vulnerable to attacks.

Besides picking a weapon, you must also bring a Keepsake during your run. At the start of your journey, I recommend equipping a Keepsake from a God whose Boons you want to use. Once you reach the last realm, you can change your Keepsake to these items:

  • Silver Wheel – Hecate
  • Luckier Tooth – Schelemeus
  • Knuckle Bones – Odysseus
  • Silken Sash – Arachne

You can equip Silken Sash if you want armor that increases your max HP. Odysseus’ Keepsake, Knuckle Bones, is another good option since it can reduce Chronos’ HP by five percent and the amount of damage you receive by 15 percent.

Hades 2 Chronos Boss Fight

Your next objective is to choose the correct Boons. Personally, I enjoy combining Hestia’s and Demeter’s blessings. Here are some Boons that you may want to get:

  • Hestia
    • Flame Flourish – Your Specials apply Scorch.
    • Flame Strike – Your Attacks apply Scorch.
    • Freezer Burn – Whenever you inflict Freeze, amplify any Scorch effects already on the enemy.
  • Demeter
    • Arctic Ring – Your Casts deal damage and inflict Freeze.
    • Cold Storage – Increase the length of your Freeze effects.
    • Gale Force – Your Casts also summon a Cyclone inside the circle.

Lastly, since Chronos is the Titan of Time, you cannot use any power connected to it. This includes pausing the game and using Phase Shift Hex. When you get Selene’s Boon, I recommend picking Dark Side or Moon Water. Dark Side can temporarily make you invulnerable, while Moon Water lets you restore some HP during the boss fight. You also want to unlock the Death Defiance Arcana Card or bring Toula Familiar so you can revive yourself.

That’s the end of our guide on how to beat Chronos. For more Hades 2 content, you can check out our post on the best Apollo build.

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