Hades Adds Switch & PC Cross-Platform Saving

Developer Supergiant Games has announced via Twitter that cross-platform saving is now available in Hades. The rogue-like action role playing game is currently available for both Nintendo Switch and PC, with the latter accessible via both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Now, players can transfer saves made on one platform to the other, should they wish to move a Switch playthrough to PC or vice versa. An update to the game has added a “Cross-Saves” option to the main menu, which players can use to link their Switch to their Steam or Epic Games account in order to transfer saves. Saves will now be synced with the cloud each time players quit the game.

If you currently have separate saves on both PC and Switch, you should make sure that they are in different slots before making a cross-platform save or transfer. Saves in the same slot could potentially overwrite one another when your Switch and Steam or Epic accounts are synced. Players can avoid this issue by simply re-saving in a different slot before utilizing the cross-platform save function. For more information, players can check the “Help & Info” section of the Cross-Saves menu.

This update also brings various post-launch quality of life updates, which were previously only released on PC, to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. These include bug fixes, upgrades to Zagreus’s Infernal Arms and Godly Boons, and increased priorities for certain beneficial character interaction events, as well as decreased spawn rates for some difficult late-game enemies.

If you haven’t given Hades a try, the release of this update makes it a handy time to do so. Hades received high scores from a number of reviewers – including those here at GameLuster – and won both Best Indie Game and Best Action Game at The Game Awards, as well as Best Indie and Critics’ Choice at the Golden Joystick Awards. It is currently one of the most highly rated games of 2020.

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