Halo Infinite Reveals Collaboration with Monster Energy

Highly anticipated first-person shooter Halo: Infinite, the upcoming entry in 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios’ Halo franchise, has officially been delayed to 2021. However, the hype for the title, which was originally expected to release in 2020 alongside the next-generation Xbox Series X console, is still incredibly high. Anticipation only increased when Infinite’s developer announced a collaboration with the energy drink brand Monster.

The collaboration between Halo and Monster may be an unexpected one, but it certainly makes a lot of sense. Both feature a prominent black-and-green color scheme, and Monster provides the burst of energy that a soldier like Master Chief might need, especially when he’s on the run from all-new foes as the first Infinite trailer showed.

Between September 1 and December 31, 2020, customers will be able to purchase special Halo Infinite-themed cans of both regular Monster and Monster Lo-Carb energy drinks. These drinks will come with exclusive codes that players can redeem at Monster-Halo.com for Double EXP Boosts, items that will temporarily increase the amount of experience earned in Infinite’s multiplayer mode. Halo: Infinite marketing lead Michael Wolf confirmed that each player can earn up to 60 hours of double EXP via purchasing Monster energy drinks.

Additionally, redeeming Double EXP Boost codes will also enter players into a drawing to be held at a later date. Prizes include a brand new Xbox Series X console, an all-expenses-paid trip to a zero-gravity flight simulator in Paris, France, and more. Prizes will include in-game items for Halo: Infinite which will feature unique Monster Energy-themed designs. Items are currently expected to include both weapons and cosmetics.

Finally, additional codes, offers, and bonuses will be revealed at a later date via the official Halo x Monster Snapchat account. Gamers with Snapchat are encouraged to check in regularly to claim these offers.

Power up with Monster Energy to make your Halo: Infinite experience as awesome as possible!

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