Nintendo Changes Pre-Order Policy for Switch eShop

Pre-ordering a game for the Nintendo Switch eShop typically comes with some neat bonuses. Because a digital pre-order doesn’t include any risk of the product running out of stock, Nintendo often “sweetens the pot” with bonuses, including double Gold Points, exclusive in-game items, and more. Plus, who doesn’t love the ability to skip the wait and get your game downloaded and ready-to-run the very first day it’s available?

However, previously, pre-ordering via the eShop came with one major drawback: your purchase was charged as soon as it was made, regardless of how much time remained until the game’s release. This led to several gamers feeling frustrated as they paid for a game and were then required to wait months or perhaps even a year to be able to actually play it. Additionally, canceling a pre-order was difficult and sometimes even impossible. As several games have experienced delays due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this drawback has become more prevalent and frustrating than ever before.

Nintendo announced an official policy change via its official Japanese and American websites, although, so far, no large public statement has been made. Now, according to the update, customers will only be charged for eShop pre-orders seven days before the game’s release. The anticipated date of payment for each title will be included in its eShop listing.

In addition to this, pre-orders can now be canceled at any time prior to payment. Pre-orders can be canceled in the “Your Pre-Orders” menu, which can be accessed via the eShop Menu and the “Your Account” section of your Switch profile.

Now that the policy has been changed, are you more likely to pre-order games for the Nintendo Switch? Which upcoming titles will you be pre-ordering? Let us know!

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